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The RCA Hearing Aid In-Ear Canal Design w/ Charging Case

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  • Open and Closed Ear Domes in 3 sizes
  • Cleaning tools
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable & USB power adapter
  • One-key operation for volume, on/off, and program selection
  • 4-channel digital signal processing with noise reduction provide a more natural listening experience wherever you go
  • 4 pre-programmed environment settings and 6 volume levels
  • 4-channel DSP, Multi-channel WDRC voice processing
  • High-capacity battery provides 14 hours of use on a single charge of 2.5 hours
  • Rechargeable, no more fumbling with replacing small batteries like other hearing aid brands
  • On-the-go charging case gives you 3 full charges of your hearing aids while away from home
  • Water resistant

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about our products.

Clear and Natural Sound

"I can finally hear clearly again. The difference is amazing. These hearing aids have changed my life. I can now enjoy conversations and music."

Millie Landon

Topeka - KS

Comfortable Fit

"I can wear these hearing aids all day without any discomfort. They fit perfectly. Also, the sound quality is exceptional. It’s like hearing naturally again."

William Tarkes

Austin - TX

Easy To Use

"I can hear things that I had never heard before. I didn't realize I was missing so much! This is easy to put on. You take your glasses off, put them on, and you put [your glasses] right back."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids work by amplifying sounds and delivering them to the ear. They consist of a microphone, amplifier and speaker.

Is RCA FDA registered to sell OTC hearing aids?

Yes, RCA is FDA Registered to sell OTC hearing aids.

What kind of support does RCA OTA Hearing Aids provide?

RCA OTC Hearing Aids come with multiple means of support, from online videos and tutorials to extensive documentation that comes with your product. Full customer service support available at

What happens if I'm not completely satisfied with my hearing aids?

If at any time within the first 45 days of use you’re not happy with the RCA OTC hearing aids, you can return them for a full refund. Your product must be returned within 45 days of the purchase date as indicated on your receipt. For our full return policy or to initiate a return, please visit

Do the hearing aids have a warranty?

RCA OTC hearing aids carry a 6-month warranty. If your hearing aid is defective in any way during the warranty period, go to to start the warranty return process. We'll replace your hearing aid with a new one once we receive your old one.

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