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For over 100 years RCA has been a world leader in high fidelity sound…And because of recent tech breakthroughs, we’re able to bring you discreet, sophisticated, digital and incredibly effective hearing aids…all at amazingly low prices!The days of doctor’s visits, ugly, analog hearing aids that need fittings, complicated set up, and so many batteries are gone, your RCA OTC Hearing Aids are ready to use, right out of the box. And they're rechargeable, and come with 24/7 support if you have questions or need help!


Hearing loss can can severely alter your life: Feelings of being isolated Disengaged in life Missing out on special momentsHearing loss leading to dementia*The effect on family members and care givers But RCA has changed all that. People with hearing loss, no matter what age, now have the opportunity to hear what they've been missing--finally at an affordable price.RCA OTC Hearing Aids are super easy to use…and incredibly discreet… so you'll never miss a moment.

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